Cindy Phinney
Real Estate/Corporate Assistant
Rudavsky Law Office
Our firm purchased Conveyancer late 2009, since then I have found the program very easy to use for the production of the required Real Estate documentation. Using Conveyancer was an easy transition from how documents were produced prior to the purchase of the program. I also have found that it is not difficult to amend Master Documents to suit our office and the individual needs of the lawyer. I strongly recommend Conveyancer to any law office dealing with Real Estate.
Mark Woitzik
Mark R. Woitzik Barrister & Solicitor
We began using The Conveyancer in 2001. The program has allowed us to do more work at higher quality without an increase in staff. We couldn’t carry the volume of real estate deals we do without this service. It’s hard to remember how we did without it.
Ania Lewicki
Law Clerk
Copeland, McKenna
Our firm has used Conveyancer and Do Process software for many years. It is an invaluable tool and we cannot imagine working without it. Your webinar sessions are extremely informative and helpful. Keep up the great work!
Peggy White
Law Clerk
Giesbrecht, Griffin, Funk & Irvine
I would like to say that it has never been easier to order a title insurance policy through Conveyancer, it is just a few clicks away and the policy is issued within minutes. Thank you Do Process for making my job a little easier.
Nickie Farrington
Law Clerk
Gary L. Waxman
I was a user of Chicago Title and have since changed over to Stewart Title. I love how you close a transaction and immediately the policy is printed. You need not wait any longer for a policy. The file can be reported the same day it closes. The Conveyancer is unique in its own way. Once the process of entering all the data is complete, a quick click of a button and all documents are prepared and can be printed including the Stewart Title policy. I love the program even though we are newcomers to it. It is fast and efficient. If you have a question, the people of Stewart Title are very knowledgeable and efficient in answering it immediately. We never have to wait. If you have to make a change to our documents including the Stewart Title policy, it is very easy. Thanks to your sales representative for introducing us to The Conveyancer and to Stewart Title. We love it!
Peggy White
Lawyer's Assistant
Giesbrecht Griffin, Funk & Irvine LLP
I just wanted to say that the new changes to The Conveyancer Program have been great. I love the way you can now process documents in certain tabs of The Conveyancer rather than leaving that tab and going to document production. This feature has made it easier and faster to prepare my real estate files. Thank you and keep up the great work.
Christie Hogan
Law Clerk
Delehanty Rinzler Druckman
I have been an avid user of The Conveyancer for many years now. It has helped streamline workflow in our office, and the clean layout makes entering data easy, while minimizing redundancies and errors. We’re able to prepare real estate documents in half the time as The Conveyancer uses information you have already entered to populate all your other forms. We are so glad to have The Conveyancer in our office, and recommend it to every real estate firm in New Brunswick!
Dana Clayton Wright
Legal Assistant
Nikitine Law
I really enjoy how Stewart Title and The Conveyancer have integrated their products. You really don’t even realize how each are integrated together it’s so streamlined (i.e. the Lofti Tab pulling information such as the Client Name, Mortgagee Name, Consideration etc., it is so streamlined!) The payment option is wonderful, being able to pay for each policy via credit card payment and print the policy immediately after closing is amazing! This has really cut down on my reporting time to clients. Reporting to a client immediately after closing rather than waiting for the mailed policy from Stewart Title has made our practice more efficient. Electronic submission of the Report on Title is also very convenient, rather than mailing the signed form directly to Stewart Title together with payment of the account, not to mention the money saved on stamps and paper cheques.


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