Susan Parker
Lawyer's Assistant
David C. J. Northcott Professional Corporation
Do Process was a life saver! The production of documents is made with ease, with all fields automatically completed. I could not have done my job without this program in the busier season! It allows for the handling of multiple real estate files and the ability to access E-Reg and title insurance companies directly through the program and has saved many long hours of work!! I commend the programmers!
Sylvia Yick
Lawyer's Assistant
By ordering Title Insurance and/or Mortgage Instructing directly from the Conveyancer, I can save time at my own pace and understand the scope of the questions being asked. No more handwriting or use of a typewriter thus eliminating unnecessary errors in names, addresses and mortgage requirements. Changes can be made to the originally input information onto the policy ordering system, thus saving lots of time by calling and having the customer service representative to correct the required changes. The main thing is that you can understand and read in detail as to the questions leading to the issuance of the title insurance policy. In general, my experience ordering title insurance policies or mortgage insured policies through the Conveyancer is reliable and simple to use. I feel very confident using the application. I can work on the system not just in the regular office hours but remotely and it helps a lot to improve my workflow. Thanks.
Dante Vizcarra
Lawyer's Assistant
Amado Cabanela Law Office
The Conveyancer is fast, easy and comfortable to use. The first time we purchased the software, training was held at the office and customer service employees were very accommodating for some technical problems. Ordering title insurance is fast and straight forward. It helps a lot because we don't need to log in in other websites. The preparation of statement of adjustments, trust ledger and client report helps me a lot in my work. Manual entry/computation in the statement of adjustments and trust ledger was terrible but using the Conveyancer is fast and accurate. Conveyancer helps me understand the total real estate transaction/process because I don't have formal law clerk training .
Lesley Rhymer
Lawyer's Assistant
Ian Gavaghan Law Office
The Do Process programs have been such an addition to our firm. The ease of learning the programs and the reliability is outstanding. They have definitely increased the workflow and volume of our practice. Any time I have needed to call tech support, they have been friendly and always eager to address my concern or fix a problem. I have used these programs in another office for 16 years and when I joined this office, the lawyer was not using any of them. I have convinced him to order and integrate Do Process into his practice and he is definitely impressed. I have trained him and he is pleased at how user friendly the programs are.
Tracy Parkinson
Robins Appleby LLP
Estate-A-Base is the best software on the market. Do Process offers exceptional customer service and appreciates comments and suggestions. They offer a product that I can rely on and they have put a great deal of thought into ensuring it's a complete product - it's all I need to complete the job in one nice little package.
Moxi Sahi
Moxi Sahi Law Office
The Conveyancer is easy to use and understand. We find it most reliable. The agents who assist are very helpful and courteous when talked to. New changes for Title Insurance has become very effective for ordering insurance. Mortgage Instructions also has improved considerably. Thanks.
Jennifer Edward
Lawyer's Assistant
Douglas G. Edward Professional Corporation
I prefer to work with Do Process over any other company because, the upfront cost is minimal and the per file/transaction charge can be passed along to the clients, making the software more accessible to sole practitioners. It's easy to use, easy to learn - requires minimal training if any at all. I was easily able to pick up Conveyancer with no training at all. All the programs are similar in nature making it easy to begin using any of the other programs once you have learned how to use one. ( ie once you work with Fast Company, Conveyancer and others are easy to learn and work with) Plus excellent support and customer service!!!
Joanna Campanella
Lawyer's Assistant
Richardson, Tatangelo LLP
Fast, easy, efficient.
Janice Simpson
Lawyer's Assistant
Haney, Haney & Kendall
I remember 25 years ago when I worked at a different law firm and the founder of the Company (his first name was Mitch) came to our office to demonstrate the Conveyancer program. I remember being amazed that the person promoting the product (Mitch was a lawyer) really "understood" the process of real estate conveyancing. Through the years I have been introduced to other software and there is nothing, in my opinion, that can match the efficiency and ease of Conveyancer. Within a few years of joining Haney, Haney & Kendall, I was successful in convincing my current employer to become a Do Process customer. Congratulations on your 25 year anniversary.
Jennifer McKim
Bartlet & Richardes LLP
The reasons I prefer to work with Do Process are, Time efficiency, Central data base for all transactions and files, Helpful documents. Ordering Title insurance is very time effective and avoids duplicating efforts.
Joanne Schots
Lawyer's Assistant
Woods, Clemens & Fletcher
I really like the following features: Fast Company - the ability to search by the client's name and cross-reference to which companies they belong. Estate-a-Base - The tasks tab, the ability to customize and generate letters and documents. Conveyancer - The ease of generating documents required for the closing and reporting the file. There are some additional things for each of the above that would be very helpful as well and I look forward to seeing them in future updates.
Miranda Markell
Lawyer's Assistant
Allinotte Law Office
I have had great experience with your company. It has been an easy and user friendly program.
Lauren Bloemendal
Lawyer's Assistant
Chong & O'Neill LLP
I love getting mortgage instructions directly through The Conveyancer! It makes document preparation easy, and I don't have to worry about input errors. Reporting is also so much more efficient.
Diana Riffert
Diana S Riffert
The Conveyancer saves valuable staff time placing Title Insurance and obtaining Mortgage Instructions directly through the program. It reduces copy errors by pre-populating much of the required information with information already input.
Morgan Ashley
Lawyer's Assistant
Menlove Law P.C.
When I first became employed in a law office 7 years ago I had no practical experience out of college. I started working in an office with an active real estate list and had to learn from working with The Conveyancer how to prepare and organize documents. The process was so simple to follow and took out all the added stress of burdening my other co-workers with incessant questions! I'm thankful that we had The Conveyancer and Do Process at our office. Thanks for helping me get started in a field I love!
Lou Ann Britton
Lawyer's Assistant
Ronald A. Kirby
It is so convenient ordering Title Insurance through the Conveyancer. What I like the most is the policy is generated almost immediately after ordering and I do not have to wait for the policy to be mailed and to complete my file.
Pauline Howard
Lawyer's Assistant
Paul Coulson Professional Corporation
The Teranet Connect feature, I like being able to import all the information and have it at your finger tips. Ordering Title Insurance right from the program. All the information is right, there is no duplication allowing for possible errors, it is quick and easy you can see at a glance what the status of you order is. Document Production. I remember having to type everything, yes I am that old. It is wonderful being able to input all the information only once and have it appear everywhere it's needed.
Wendy Thompson
Lawyer's Assistant
Ryan & Lewis Professional Corporation
The top 3 features that I find so awesome are the ease of use, this being that the programs are self explanatory and with the ease of filling in the blanks it saves so much time, the links to other programs and websites that we use being at a click of a button, and the ability to create follow up lists to complete any outstanding matters. It all works so well.
Karolyn Smith
Lawyer's Assistant
Snider & DiGregorio
We used to manually produce all of our real estate documents. Our business has more than tripled over the years and Conveyancer has increased the ease of workflow significantly. The ease of producing documents, ordering title insurance and LLC has saved us so much time. We have students intern at our office and training them to use the software is simple and very user friendly. I could not function without it!
Candice Clark
Lawyer's Assistant
Stephen A. Ritchie Professional Corporation
The programs are easy to use! Even if you've never used them before! They just make sense and are designed to be step by step from start to finish for the task they are designed for. The customer service is unbelievable! I have never had trouble reaching someone, and they are always friendly and helpful! I just have to sit back and watch them solve my problems, and I get back to work quickly! They cover every aspect of my job! Do Process has a program for everything, and each one is as good as the last!
Joyce Renke
Lawyer's Assistant
Matthew Dupre Law Office
Love the way Conveyancer puts all the information into all the documents and it is time saving. I love that I can order a Title insurance policy from there too. We also recently purchased Will Builder and it is another product that I enjoy and its all very time saving.
Joanne Bradford
Lawyer's Assistant
I prefer Conveyancer over any other company. Don't know what we would do without it.
Barb Ramik
Chiarelli Cramer Witteveen
The Conveyancer is intuitive enough for a beginner to use with confidence. Well done!
Pamela Lodge
Lawyer's Assistant
Law Firm of Eric Landriault
Top 3 things I can't live without. Ease of use: love the fact it is user friendly, self explanatory, fill in and go. Training: their ability to come to you, or ease of webinars etc., especially useful if you're a busy law firm. The level of reliability is high, they are always current and up to date.
Stephanie Bucholtz
Lawyer's Assistant
Cunningham Swan
Four years ago, I was a St. Lawrence student studying to become a legal assistant and was taught to use Do Process', Conveyancer in College. I then became a legal assistant and used Conveyancer on a daily basis for three full years. I then applied for movement within our firm and was in charge of finding a database program to hold and maintain our corporate records and low and behold I chose Do Process, Fast Company to serve our needs. Do Process is the best, trust me I looked very hard and there was nothing out there that was close to compare. Today I begin a training webinar to learn the program in its entirety. Wish me luck!
Diane Leonard
Lawyer's Assistant
McIntosh & Pease
By using Conveyancer I am able to complete a file from start to finish with ease, speed, accuracy and confidence that the documents produced are current. The database is invaluable. The lawyer is able to log on and understand exactly where each file is at without having to retrieve the actual file from my desk. Based on the documents provided by other law firms I am of the opinion that Conveyancer is the software program of choice which makes working on a file so much easier.
Chantelle Adair
Lawyer's Assistant
Mark R. Woitzik Professional Corporation
The top features in Conveyancer would have to be the Teranet Connect and the LOFTI tab for ordering Stewart Title policies. Both of these features make my job so much easier. I don't know how I did title searches before Teranet Connect. It makes doing the requisition letters so quick, which helps me manage my time. The ability to order title insurance policies without leaving the program also helps with time management. I also like the fact that we can have mortgage instructions from lenders we deal with often uploaded right to the Conveyancer program. Conveyancer just makes sense for a busy real estate law office. With all that the program can do, I can handle more files effectively and know that I don't have to leave the program to get most of my work done!
Louise Lavigne
Lawyer's Assistant
David Thomas Stewart Professional Corporation
Working with Conveyancer makes it easy for assistants to calculate the Statement of Adjustments as well as the ordering of title insurance by simply answering a few questions. When downloading mortgage instructions directly into Conveyancer transcribing errors are avoided and it saves a lot of time. I personally could not see a real estate lawyer's office functioning without the use of Conveyancer and I would personally recommend it to anyone who is not already using this program.
Georgina Dougall
Lawyer's Assistant
Thatcher & Wands
I love getting my mortgage instructions electronically. I have all the right forms that the bank wants me to use without scrolling through a web site trying to match up form numbers. The schedules are right there for downloading. I love it when the client tells me what bank they are using and I know I am going to get my electronic instructions. I don't have to worry about it coming through the fax and pages being missed or the paper jamming and having to wait on the phone to get them to send it again. If a mortgage package changes, it is so easy to get updated instructions that will pre-populate in my report to the client. No more typo errors or questions as to which schedules to use on a mortgage. It is all right there. I wish all of the banks would do their instructions electronically.
Vanessa McPeake
Lawyer's Assistant
Templeman Menninga LLP
Conveyancer is quite simply the most important tool on my desktop. It enables me to put together real estate files efficiently and with ease. The integrated Mortgage processing and obtaining of Title Insurance mean that there is little if any double keying in of information which can be unnecessarily time consuming. I quite simply love it - thank you Do Process :-)
Maya Mironov
Lawyer's Assistant
Piersanti & Company Professional Corporation
Do Process has an amazing customer service. The software is updated regularly. Very innovative company.
Bronwyn Salmon
Dueck Sauer Jurzi & Noll LLP
It feels like 20 years ago I first started using your products! What I love now is very different from the original version of your products - which have developed to keep pace with technology and to continue to make our lives in law offices more efficient. As a user of several different products I will say that I love the cross reference feature in Fast Company so that when I need to know which corporations one individual is involved in, I have that information at my finger tips (yeah). As a user of Conveyancer, the fact that documents can be produced consistently across the office is a real benefit so that anyone can share a file if necessary - for vacation coverage or when someone is sick. As a user of Estate-a-Base, the ease with which the documents and financial statements are produced allows estate administrations to be processed in a very timely manner. The cost savings benefit to the client in terms of the reduced time requirement is truly an efficiency. Kudos on your first 25 years.
Kelly Wiffen
Lawyer's Assistant
Waghorn, Stephens, Sipos & Poulton
I do strictly real estate. I love the Conveyancer because it is quick and efficient. Everything I need is right there. It speeds up the time of preparing all of the documents. I love the support I've received from Do Process if I have any problems. I have been involved in the training programs with the webinars, these have helped me to find short cuts and re-affirm what I already know. I love that you can come back and find the documents you prepared and have everything right at your fingertips. It has made my life a lot easier.
Betty Nesbitt
Lawyer's Assistant
Cram & Associates
For over 20 years I have completed real estate transactions using our own precedents from the office data base. Just recently we signed up for Conveyancer after a lot of firms were saying how easy and great it is. When we first received the program, like anyone who has done something for over 20 years, I was very hesitant. I was so used to doing it a certain way and then all of a sudden I had to learn a new program. After just one week - WOW what a change - I cannot even think of my job without Conveyancer. Everything is so easy, the data base took some time getting imported but now its a breeze. Reporting was always delayed to clients but now clients are receiving reports the same day!!! Thanks Conveyancer - I love the program and cannot even imagine going back to the "old way".
Donna Mair
Lawyer's Assistant
Smith Valeriote Law Firm LLP
Good data base; Document production is outstanding; and Reports are detailed.
Evelyn Power
Lawyer's Assistant
Johnson McMaster Professional Corporation
Top 3 reasons I prefer to work with Do Process: Ease of ordering title insurance, Customer Service is excellent, always available should I have any questions or require assistance with the program, and Production of documents, especially court documents required for Estates and Corporate documents for minute books.
Dan Ronen
Dan Ronen
Using Conveyancer, Fast Company and Estate-a-Base has made my law practice more efficient. It has simplified document preparation and minimized errors in documents.
Deanna Kaproulias
Lawyer's Assistant
Laks, Kocovski
Three reasons why I prefer to work with Do Process: reliability, preparation time is minimal and of course, customer service is excellent.
Melissa Zurawski
Lawyer's Assistant
Thomson Mahoney Delorey
When we first purchased The Conveyancer, we were a little overwhelmed with how to work with the program. When training was provided, we seemed a little bit more comfortable and as time went on we loved it. Now we think back and say we would never want to prepare documents the "old way"! Conveyancer has saved us time when ordering Title Insurance and receiving mortgage instructions. Its such a great way to save on paper when only having to print off one set of original documents and make completing and sending off our mortgage reports quick and efficient! Thank you!!!
Maureen Jennings
Lawyer's Assistant
Wyjad Fleming Associates
Ordering Title Insurance and receiving Mortgage instructions through the Conveyancer is much quicker. There is no waiting for documentation and/or instructions to be received. The information is quick and easy to understand and follow along with. Reporting on files is faster with both and files can be completed and reported in a more timely fashion.
Peggy White
Lawyer's Assistant
Giesbrecht, Griffin, Funk, Irvine
I love using Do Process as it has made my work a lot easier, preparing documents faster, uploading to Teraview, and to order title insurance policies has now made it so much faster to complete a file. Do Process' Conveyancer Program are all just clicks away to make your day more efficient! Thanks Do Process and keep up the excellent programming.
Connie Smithson
Lawyer's Assistant
Scheifele Erskine & Renken
I have been using Conveyancer for many years now and while it was "stressful" making the change to Conveyancer it has simply made my job soooo much easier! Everything is at your fingertips and Do Process continually incorporates better ideas like ordering title insurance and LLC. Can't imagine going back to the old ways!
Arun Bhatia
Bhatia Law Office
I enjoy working with Do Process MAINLY because of technical support. I call and am able to speak to someone right away. The troubleshooting and remedies to the situation are quick and I am able to continue working right away. I am also impressed with the integration of mortgage forms and LOFTI modules.
Carm Bruno
Lawyer's Assistant
Banks & Starkman
The top three features I love are: Statement of Adjustments, Account and Trust Ledger, Vendor's Documents on Sales... and of course the entire software as a whole. Keep up the good work!!
Darlene Sprague
Lawyer's Assistant
Hogarth Hermiston Severs LLP
We save sooo much time ordering title insurance through Conveyancer - you can't even imagine how much time we used to spend on the phone ordering the policies. But all in all the whole system is terrific and easy to navigate and I am sure that we only use a small portion of it and that if we really got into it we would find more and more time saving ways.
Shelley Moynes
Lawyer's Assistant
Tierney Stauffer
It was 15 years ago that I started to use Conveyancer. I had tried other programs offered at that time and found Conveyancer to be the most efficient and user friendly program at that time. I now do commercial real estate and hope to see Conveyancer offer, as least a part of the commercial order form to be automatically completed similar to how the residential title insurance is submitted. Thank you.
Anita Moreland
Lawyer's Assistant
Owen & Associates
I simply love that we can search within the Conveyancer and it helps us do requisitions, etc. and it saves it for future references.
Sharon Picco
Lawyer's Assistant
Weiler Maloney Nelson
Just an awesome program... saves us clerks alot of time and the form-l-ware is super....keep obtaining more Ministry forms......thanks!
Cindy O'Grady
Lawyer's Assistant
Prouse, Dash & Crouch LLP
Obtaining Title insurance and Mortgage instructions through The Conveyancer has made completing a file very efficient. I have diarized to check for electronic messages at a certain time each morning. This is much more efficient than checking a fax machine for incoming faxes. Ordering title insurance that pre-populates the information I have already input in the Conveyancer saves on repetition. Simply, steps to make a job easier when there are so many demands on our time is welcome.
Pat McCarthy
Lawyer's Assistant
Merovitz Potechin LLP
The top 3 features in The Conveyancer that I can't live without are: 1. F9 feature - I would be lost without this. I love the way I only have to hit one key to complete a field. 2. Insertion of information on prior files into new records. This is a HUGE time saver for me. 3. Lists - being able to create a list and have information at my fingertips is a life saver. I can find Standard Charge Terms that we have used in the past and print them off for other lawyers in the firm. This cuts down on searching files to find this type of information.
Cathy Whittaker
Lawyer's Assistant
Wilson Vukelich LLP
I am the office manager at a law firm that uses Fast Company, Estate-a-Base and Conveyancer. In fact we were a tester of the beta version of Fast Company way back when... I am very happy with all of the applications and the service and support that we have received from Do Process over the years.
Merlin McRae
Lawyer's Assistant
Madorin, Snyder LLP
Get a quick and helpful response when asking a question. Tech help is wonderful. If they don't know how to solve the problem they find out and get back to you. Seldom do they not know the answer Always friendly and do not make you feel stupid when you don't know how to do something.
Cheryl Keskeny
Law Clerk
Dinning Hunter Lambert Jackson
I find Brief Convey to be easy and user-friendly. Like all new programs, it does have a learning curve but the amazing support staff is always there to help you either via email or phone. This makes the transition to a new program easier. Why pay almost triple the amount for another program when you are getting the same thing with Brief Convey. That alone makes the switch easier.
Emily Martin
Law Clerk
Brechin & Huffman
It is a lot faster to conduct our title searches through Teranet Connect. I specifically like clicking on instruments and writ searches to immediately receive copies, rather than manually inserting them individually in Teraview.
Melanie Robicheau
Law Clerk
Brian McMurter Law Office
I like that it imports the property and owner information directly from the PIN page. Even more than that, I like creating my requisition letter with it because it saves so much typing and in turn saves me lots of time. So far it has been great and I haven’t had any glitches. This is a great program.
Shelley Mabbott
Mabbott & Company
We are delighted with your software and very happy with the decision we made to go with Do Process software. Your support team is excellent, their knowledge of the software, as well as their knowledge of the practice of conveyancing within a law office was invaluable. Your installation and training were exceptional, and your customer support was incredible. The software works incredibly well and the ongoing support, webinars and seminars are very helpful. I would recommend the software to anyone.
Ann Woodruff
Copeland McKenna
They are user-friendly programs which we cannot imagine working without – keep up the good work!
Walker and Wood
We have used Conveyancer for about 9 months and Estate-a-base for about 6 months. We find both to be state of the art and a great boost to office productivity. We are very satisfied with both programs.
Calvin G. Johnson
As an active user of Conveyancer for many years both my staff and myself want to relay to you and your company what a great job you have done in creating a product that we so often take for granted but we couldn’t do without. We thank you for making our job just a whole lot easier.
Mann & Gahtan LLP
We are delighted with your software and very happy with the decision we made to go with it. Your support team is excellent too. On the relatively few occasions I have had to contact your support staff, they have been very helpful, they are well informed and they have responded in a timely manner. Many thanks.
Papazian Heisey Myers
Yes. Do Process does the job. Great software and on-the-spot support. They’re a “first class” organization that has made our Real Estate & Corporate practice more productive and more profitable.
Cosman, Gray
Reliable, friendly, prompt attention.
Fitzpatrick & Culic
Great software, great support and upgrades. I no longer stare gloomily at boxes of back-logged reports to do. It keeps me up-to-date and ahead of the pack.
Kutty Law Office
A user-friendly product.
Chown Cairns
Most efficient and user-friendly Real Estate and Corporate software we have found.
Gilmore & Gilmore LLP
We have been customers of Do Process since their early DOS days. We are extremely satisfied with their programs and their prompt support.
Jeanette C. Mather
I heard much praise from other lawyers about your software prior to having it installed on my own system. I am thrilled with its performance and very pleased with the support received from your company.
Ted M. Kelly Law Office
The technical people are very helpful and courteous and take the time to deal with any problem you may have, if he/she doesn’t know the answer they let you know they are not sure of the solution, but will find out and get to you within 2 hours.
Solutions Corporate Law Clerk Services Inc.
Fast Company is a very user- friendly corporate software program, with good support, and the upgrades keep pace with corporate legislation.
Black Sutherland, LLP
Easy to use, and support is immediate and competent.
Peter C. Bellamy
Extremely easy to use and to train staff on. I could not carry the volume of real estate and estates I have without this software.
Stanley J. Lotocki
Do Process programs are not expensive, they are priceless.
LA LAW Paralegal Services
I couldn't operate a successful paralegal real estate practice without you!
Rick Hesp
The Conveyancer: Best thing since sliced bread.
Tatham, Pearson & Malcolm LLP
Estate-a-base is a great program and very easy to use. Just as important, your staff have been terrific: responsive both to troubles at this end and to suggestions made. Kudos and thanks to all of you.
Pedwell & Pedwell
I think the best part for me is the reporting part of the package. Everything gets completed immediately instead of waiting up to 3 weeks until I have time to get back to the reporting.
George Taylor
The Conveyancer kept me competitive with competition, and no increase in staff.
Gary E. Levine
I have enjoyed using The Conveyancer, found it easy to use and your technical support accessible.
Thomas N. Bryson
By purchasing The Conveyancer, we eliminated the need to hire additional part time staff.
F. Christopher Rous
The Conveyancer allows us to process transactions much more efficiently. It's hard to remember how we did without it.
Superior Credit Union Ltd
Very user-friendly and professional output. Very responsive to inquiries regarding troubleshooting.
Ross R. Durfey & Associates
We are a management accounting firm. Fast Company has helped keep some of our small business on track. A definite asset.
Hamilton & Mutton
We switched from Cakeware to The Conveyancer. The difference is like moving from typewriter to a word processor. We can do more work at higher quality with less staff.
Robert Cooper
Yes I thoroughly advocate using Do Process software. It has simplified and streamlined a certain portion of my real estate practice & its tools are extremely valuable and easy to use.
Donald W. Desaulniers
The Conveyancer with LOFTI is a tremendous advantage in residential real estate since I am an examining counsel with Stewart Title and save my clients $100.00 on each transaction.
Willcox Whetung
As one of the earliest firms using both The Conveyancer and Fast Company, we found Do Process to have knowledgeable technical support services and they have been excellent at providing regular upgrades to keep abreast of regulatory charges.
Angela Anderson
Anderson & Hamilton Professional Corporation
We use WillBuilder to draft estate planning documents for all of our clients. The documents look professional and the software is easy to use and easy to customize.
Susan M.C. Libanio
I can't live without this program.
Jon A. F. Struyk
Your support has been of great assistance for many years.
Howard A. Lithwick
I found your software extremely "user friendly".
Diane Zakrysek
Niagara College
I am just completing my second year of teaching “The Conveyancer” at Niagara College for the law clerks course. I have approx. 50 students this year. I just wanted to let you know that they are “In Love” with the program, like I am. It is so user friendly. I was told by students that they have learned more about real estate in the past 4 weeks, (only one day per week, 3 hours), than they have learned since January in reg. classes.
Noreen Gagnaux
Becker Law
I work in a very busy real estate firm and over the years I have used various conveyancing programs to assist me. I have been using The Conveyancer by Do Process for the past two years, and find it to be the most efficient and user friendly program available. I have recommended this program to my peers on many occasions, and will continue to do so without hesitation.
Sandra Card
Charles A. Dixon Professional Corporation
The Conveyancer is the best real estate conveyancing software in Alberta for several reasons. First, unlike the competition, they have phone or onsite support that has the knowledge to answer my specific questions about Alberta conveyancing. Second, they have superior, experienced technical support. Third, The Conveyancer is half the cost, and has greater functionality. Fourth, I know my valuable data and confidential documents are stored securely on my own systems. For all of these reasons and more, The Conveyancer by Do Process is the #1 choice for Alberta real estate firms.
Cindy Ostrowski
Robert D. Mullen Professional Corporation
Will Builder simplifies the process of preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney. It’s a user friendly program and the Do Process support staff are reliable and very helpful.
Lisa Regier
Legal Assistant
Wilder Wilder & Langtry
I have used other products from other companies, but I find that The Conveyancer and Do Process Software exceed them all with respect to performance, efficiency, cost, reporting, capability, reliability, security, support and training.
Charles Bosecke
Bosecke Song LLP
Since implementing use of The Conveyancer program in our offices 2 years ago, both our staff and the lawyers have been impressed with this user-friendly program which has streamlined our real estate practice. It has reduced document preparation time substantially and the technical support has been exceptional. We would highly recommend this program to any practitioner handling real estate transactions.
Chris Kahlo
We are extremely happy with our decision to use ‘The Conveyancer’ for our real estate transactions and have been using the program for almost 3 years. The program is very user-friendly and has reduced document preparation time significantly. The program far exceeds any previous real estate programs we have used in the past. It is a bonus to be able to disburse the user charge directly to the clients. We have had almost no technical issues, but any we had were dealt with immediately by the technical staff which of course means no down time. I continue to sing the praises of this program and constantly recommend it to other firms and conveyancers.
Kipling B. Wiese
Kipling B. Wiese Professional Corporation
We have been using The Conveyancer for over a year and are very pleased with the program. It has improved our turnaround time for preparation of real estate documents in almost all aspects of our real estate practice. We are especially impressed with the Projects module of The Conveyancer which is a great asset for preparation of our condominium projects sale documents. Service from the supplier has been great, technical support has always been provided in a timely and effective manner.
Stan Galbraith
Galbraith Law
The Conveyancer is a robust, powerful and user friendly product. Our Productivity has increased dramatically and our error rate has been significantly reduced. I have dealt with many software companies in the last 25 years. Do Process is the most responsive. Their help desk is helpful and timely. Their support is second to none.
Dawn M. Pegden-Wright
Pittaway & Taskey Barristers and Solicitors
I talked with Do Process about The Conveyancer almost 2 years ago, but I had a good routine and just didn’t have the time. Well, they persisted, and I eventually had it installed, only to let the program stagnate on my desktop…silly me… I sat through a training webinar and local Do Process people provided me with start-up assistance to ease my transition. Still it was not until May of 2011, when I was already busy and could least afford any distraction, that I gave it a fair shot. OH MY GOD, all I can say is…three files in a row on The Conveyancer and I have never looked back. THANK GOD FOR PERSISTENCE!!! Trust me, you’ll love it and you’ll kick yourself for not switching over sooner!!


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