Customer Success Team

Customer Success Team

Welcome to Do Process Software! Our team is dedicated to supporting you as you get started using our products and services and over the lifetime of your practice.

We understand the types of challenges and time pressures you face on a daily basis and look forward to sharing with you how we have helped many others improve day-to-day efficiency in their small, medium and large sized firms.

Do Process offers an abundance of training materials at your disposal – training videos, FAQ's and quick reference guides can be found on our Customer Support Centre. We are also here to facilitate the customization of your document to meet your specific needs.

You can get to know us better by reading our bios below (listed in order of province served) or by reaching out to us!

Jackie Lombardo at Do Process

Jackie Lombardo

Customer Success Manager, Alberta (South)

Jackie Lombardo is a Customer Success Manager with Do Process Software. In this role, Jackie looks after all aspects of account management and training in South Alberta including hosting live training webinars, developing customized training sessions, creating post-training materials, and facilitating the customization of Master Documents for The Conveyancer®.

Jackie has extensive experience in real estate law, having spent 10 years as a Legal Assistant.  She understands the time restrictions and pressures Real Estate Assistants are challenged with and is focused on delivering results for her clients.

Jackie Lombardo’s passion for people and extensive knowledge has earned her an excellent reputation among peers and clients alike.  She is well known for helping clients save time, stay organized, and reduce overhead by maximizing the benefits of The Conveyancer.

To contact Jackie Lombardo, please call 403.805.1011 or toll free at 1.866.367.7648 ext. 2299 or email

Sherry Fallon at Do Process

Martina Foggin

Customer Success Manager for Corporate Solutions, Alberta

Martina Foggin is a Customer Success Manager for Corporate Solutions supporting our Fast Company® customers in Alberta. In this role, she looks after her customers with personalized demonstrations, training and support.

From her years as a legal assistant, Martina brings expertise in multiple areas of law including corporate, real estate, wills and estates. Martina understands her clients' practices and the value of a strong corporate records management system. She takes a collaborative approach with her customers to ensure they can maximize the benefits of Fast Company and support the growing demands of their law office.

To contact Martina, please call 403.462.1573 or toll free 1.866.367.7648 ext. 2101 or email her at email at

Fran Brooks at Do Process

Fran Brooks

Customer Success Manager, British Columbia

Fran Brooks is a Customer Success Manager for Do Process Software supporting our  ProSuite, BC Estate Planning®, and Brief Conveycustomers in British Columbia.

Fran brings more than 19 years of experience in developing and supporting conveyancing software for legal firms. Her expertise is in conveyancing, along with experience in family, estate, and bankruptcy law and includes working for both law firms and a notary public.

You can confidently rely on Fran to help you maximize the benefits of
Do Process Software applications to successfully complete your real estate transactions in an efficient and timely manner.

To contact Fran, please call 604.346.9622 or toll free 1.866.367.7648 ext. 2292 or email at

Marci Henderson at Do Process

Marci Henderson

Customer Success Manager, British Columbia

Marci Henderson is a Customer Success Manager for Do Process Software supporting our  ProSuite, BC Estate Planning®, and Brief Conveycustomers in British Columbia.

Marci has extensive experience in the legal industry having worked for 20 years as a legal assistant with a focus on conveyancing and real estate development in both large and small law firms in British Columbia. She then shifted into the legal software industry in 2004 and has expanded her expertise with roles in customer service, sales, marketing and product management.

The customer always come first with Marci as she uses her extensive experience to help clients transition to a more efficient way of completing their transactions with Do Process solutions and services.

To contact Marci, please call 250.351.5319 or toll free 1.866.367.7648 ext. 2111 or email her at

Benita Delfing at Do Process

Benita Delfing

Account Manager, Manitoba

Benita Delfing is an Account Manager dedicated to clients in Manitoba.  She is responsible for business development and training of The Conveyancer®.

Benita has been working in the Manitoba legal community for over 25 years with most of those spent focused on real estate law.  Her extensive experience gives her firsthand knowledge of the challenges legal professionals face everyday as they work to make every transaction a successful one for all parties.

Over the course of her career, Benita adapted to many changes in regulations and technology and now brings those skills to helping others learn how to make their lives easier.  She helps our customers complete transactions in a fraction of the time, save money and best of all, minimize stress by using the right solutions.

To contact Benita, please call 204.599.1849 or toll free 1.866.367.7648 ext. 2154 or email

James Tremblay at Do Process

James Tremblay

Account Manager, New Brunswick & Northern Ontario

James Tremblay is the New Brunswick & Northern Ontario Account Manager for Do Process Software. James’ role takes into account business development, as well as the training for all Do Process products, including The Conveyancer®,
Fast Company®, Estate-a-Base®, and Will Builder®.

With over 14 years combined Real Estate and Financial expertise, James has been involved in Teranet’s electronic search and registration business and was a manager within a large financial institution. In 1993, he earned his Legal Assistant accreditation from Cambrian College

Legal professionals depend upon James’ rich understanding of the legal industry to maximize the benefits of our solutions and services. He has earned a reputation for helping firms streamline their practice, become more cost effective, and exceed their client’s needs time and time again.

To contact James directly, call 705.690.4119 or toll free 1.866.367.7648 x1041 or email at

Purnima Kaul at Do Process

Purnima Kaul

Customer Success Manager, Ontario

Purnima Kaul is a Customer Success Manager for  Do Process Software, supporting Ontario. In this role Purnima is responsible for Account Management and training of the complete suite of Do Process software including 
The Conveyancer®, Fast Company®, Estate-a-Base®, and Will Builder®.

Purnima joined Do Process Software with a proven track record in Real Estate law. As a Senior Law Clerk with over ten years of experience in large Real Estate Law firms, Purnima established herself as a top level expert.  

With Purnima’s extensive experience, customers can confidently rely on her to help them maximize the benefits of Do Process software to successfully complete their real estate, corporate, estate and wills in an efficient and timely manner.

To contact Purnima Kaul please call 416.643.1057 or toll free at 1.866.367.7648 ext. 1057or email at

Maria Hamdani at Do Process

Maria Hamdani

Customer Success Manager, Ontario

Maria Hamdani is a Customer Success Manager for Do Process Software supporting Ontario.  In this role, Heather is responsible for Account Management and training on
The Conveyancer®. 

Maria has in-depth knowledge and experience from her 10-year career working in various areas of the real estate industry.  She has worked as a law clerk in condominium law and development projects as well as residential and commercial real estate.  As a former law clerk, she truly understands the needs of her clients and is passionate about providing excellent customer service to her clients and helping them improve their efficiency using Do Process software.

To contact Maria, please call 226.821.2656 or toll free 1.866.367.7648 ext. 1086 or email her at

Dan McAran at Do Process

Dan McAran

Customer Success Manager, Ontario
Fast Company, Estate-a-Base & Will Builder

Dan McAran is a Customer Success Manager with Do Process. In this role, Dan is responsible for training and support related to Fast Company®, Estate-a-Base®, and Will Builder®.

Dan’s extensive qualifications include his Certified General Accountant designation, MBA and MSc degrees, and he is currently in the final stages of earning his PHD accreditation. He has over 17 years in product development at
Do Process and over 20 years experience in computer technology.

Dan is known for building long term relationships with clients because of his dedication and personalized attention to all his Do Process customers. His in-depth subject matter expertise is highly valued by customers and they rely on him to help them maximize the benefits of using Do Process Software applications.

To contact Dan please call 416.322.6111 ext 2526 or toll free at 1.866.367.7648 ext 2526 or email

Kelly Johnstone at Do Process

Kelly Lohner

Account Manager, Saskatchewan

Kelly Lohner is an Account Manager for Do Process Software supporting
The Conveyancer customers in Saskatchewan.

Kelly brings more than 10 years of experience as a Legal Assistant specializing in Real Estate. She understands firsthand the challenges and nuances of real estate transactions and is genuinely committee to ensuring your experience with
Do Process is nothing less than exceptional.

You can confidently rely on Kelly to provide you the tools and training that will help you get the most out of our solutions and services, making your job easier. Her goal is to ensure you save time completing your real estate transactions and to create efficiency in your firm.

To contact Kelly, call 306.216.8481 or toll free 1.866.367.7648 x2496 or email at

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