Customer Testimonials

“…We have been ProSuite customers for over 7 years and rely on the software to help us manage our conveyance practice. Our staff find the program is very easy to use and it helps reduce the time it takes to manage conveyance files. We can create documents to look just the way we need them to look.”
Randall Cobbett, Cobbett & Cotton Lawyers, Burnaby
  “…ProSuite is so easy to use – easy to navigate, enter information and produce great documents. From start to finish it is user friendly!”
Martyn Westerman, Notary Public, Richmond
  “…I waited a long time to get a reliable, easy to use software system for conveyancing and I finally have it! ProSuite gives us a very professional presentation of all documents and letters. Once the data is entered, the guesswork is over. “
Asha Lohia, Notary Public, Vancouver
“…You input information once and get the whole package of documents in an instant.”
Wendy Shum, Notary Public, Burnaby
  “…ProSuite has made a huge difference in my practice in terms of time savings, ease of completion and immediate access to files. Also, the ProTrust (financial package) is fantastic for creating all the required audit reports.”
Fariborz Khasha, Notary Public, West Vancouver
“…The program prepares all necessary documents for a conveyance. I trust ProSuite with my business.”
Emilia Luca, Notary Public, White Rock
  “…ProSuite allows me to meet my customer’s demands and expectations in today’s market. I now have more control of the time of the submission of my documents. When my money is all in trust I can immediately attend to the next step – registration. “
Jim Fulton, Notary Public, Kamloops
  “…ProSuite is extremely easy to use and lets all our employees share files from any computer at any time. The ProTrust accounting software is a great help to our practice.”
Justin Han, Notary Public, Burnaby
“…I like the way in which it simplifies the search process and populates documents accordingly."
Sandra Hamilton, Notary Public, Port Coquitlam
  “…Tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the conveyance professional in today’s fast paced marketplace. ProSuite helps our firm work efficiently and deliver service in a timely manner.”
Hilde Deprez, Notary Public, Vancouver