ProSuite - Real Estate. Real Simple.

ProSuite, British Columbia's #1 real estate software, is a full-featured solution that automates virtually all documentation required to complete purchase, sale and mortgage transactions.

ProSuite is the centerpiece of a data and services network connecting legal professionals to valuable information, mortgage instructing provider, tax certificates, accounting functions, and the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia

  • Fewer operations required to perform routine tasks saving time and reducing duplication
  • Import your title search from myLTSA saving you valuable data entry time
  • Time-saving integrations with third parties: access to Stewart Title, FCT and Chicago Title for title insurance; access to Stewart Assyst to receive mortgage instructions and access to APIC for tax and utility searches
  • Great customer support and a large documents team to ensure all documents and mortgage products are always up to date
  • No obligation 30 day trial installation for new customers
  • Your tool the way you like it. Free customization of your documents at no additional charge!
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