Estate-A-Base Features



Enter data once into the estate record and Estate-a-Base will intuitively guide you through the process of recording information pertaining to the interested parties, the estate assets and the tasks to be performed. Estate-a-Base will automatically prepare the necessary forms, correspondence and documents you require.


Estate work in Ontario requires filing numerous Superior Court forms;
Estate-a-Base automates all of those under Rules 74 and 75 of the Rules of Civil Procedures. This includes upward of 70 different forms required in estate administration, including the Estate Information Return form, all of which are updated in the event that a change occurs.


Not only does Estate-a-Base manage files and produce all the necessary documents, but also helps track the progress of tasks to be completed. This process is ideal in estate law, where the required work can branch off in many different directions. The Estate-a-Base Accounting Module is also included when you purchase the Estate Administration software to track all financial transactions pertaining to an estate.

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