Important Upgrade Notice.

Important Upgrade Notice.

01 July 2010

Important Upgrade Notes for July 1st, 2010

HST versions of The Conveyancer®, Fast Company™, estate-a-base™, WillBuilder™ and Form’L’Ware LandForms are now available for our clients in Ontario.  To upgrade, please log in as the Default user and select Live Upgrade Manager from the Updates menu.

For specific details on the changes for each product, please select Upgrade Notes from the Updates menu in each application after performing the upgrade.

Upgrading also enables the NEW Transaction Data Exchange (TDX) feature in The Conveyancer for all provinces. See below for more information.

Special HST Upgrade Notes for The Conveyancer (Ontario)

The Conveyancer will continue to allow users to select the rate of tax applicable to the particular transaction in the Statement of Adjustment and Statement of Account.

The default for new transactions is HST at 13%.

In the case of an HST-inclusive sale price, the Sale Price adjustment dialog contains a new field in which the user designates which of the three rebates apply:

  • HST Federal Portion (selected by default);
  • HST Ontario Portion (selected by default);
  • RST Transitional Rebate (N/A if condo) with calculation methods for both the Floor Space method and Selling Price method.

Calculations of Rebates and Net Sale Price continue to be performed automatically.

To accommodate HST, some of The Conveyancer Master Documents have changed. Please see The Conveyancer Upgrade Notes for a list of these documents and for instructions on installation. If you have customized versions of Master Documents, you should review them to determine if they need to be changed to incorporate HST. We have introduced a new code (DP code 16105). This code replaces the text “GST” with a variable that recognizes whether “GST” or “HST” should appear, based on the selection in the Statement of Account.

Please also note that the GST/HST Rebate Form was not available at the time the software was prepared for release. Once the prescribed forms have been published by the government, allow at least 14 days for implementation into The Conveyancer.

The Re-adjust portion of Form’L’Ware LandForms has not been upgraded for HST (sale price calculation). A future release of  Form’L’Ware LandForms will contain the updates for HST.

For details on HST applicability, formulae and sample calculations, please visit the CRA website at:


Introducing Transaction Data Exchange (TDX)

TDX is a powerful new feature in The Conveyancer that streamlines communications with other firms. Available at no additional charge, TDX saves you time by allowing the exchange of transaction data, file attachments and messages between The Conveyancer firms working on a real estate deal.

TDX uses a new list of firms and lawyers. This list will take several minutes to download the first time you login to The Conveyancer after performing the upgrade. You can view this new list by selecting Solicitors from the Secondary Databases.

For more information on TDX, please visit the Do Process website at:

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