Working with Conveyancer

Working with Conveyancer

Dale, Streiman & Kurz LLP is a mid-sized law firm with 6 lawyers and several hundred residential and commercial files, annually. We started using The Conveyancer in January 2007 and we have been very happy with the functionality of the program as well as the staff at Do Process, who have assisted in many requests for assistance and custom documents.

Before using The Conveyancer, we used a web based solution but found difficulty in obtaining updates or making any changes to the program. We then switched to a "free" solution which turned out to be a bare bones program with little support (which eventually ceased operating).

We have been very pleased with many of the changes that have come over the last few years and Do Process has implemented some of my own suggestions. We would highly recommend The Conveyancer to any real estate lawyer, whether he or she, be in a large firm or a sole practitioner.

We have benefited in many ways from the use of The Conveyancer. Of course, it saves much time in the preparation of documents, as the data, once entered, fills in on any form you are merging. We save time by using the databases of information, including, banks, other lawyers, and of course clients. We have had many instances, where we were able to select a client from our database for entry in a new file.

Not only is it time saving, it helps prevent aggravation. One of the annoying things of the past was having to retrieve a file to find some information, most of which is now recorded either in the program, or one of the databases. We have easy access to Instrument Numbers, terms of the mortgage, Discharge particulars, and client information, including email addresses. No more searching for a file or paying for documents, as all the information is at our finger tips.

We have found the program to be customizable for our particular needs and have been able to edit forms and create our own. This has further streamlined the production and delivery of documents. The addition of the TDX module enables the user to send documents electronically to another lawyer, saving time, paper, and issues with a fax machine, while producing an on-screen record of documents sent and received.

Producing documents is easy. You can select on or a set of documents and hit "Produce". They all appear for printing, emailing, faxing, or sending by TDX. As well, every document can be saved in your word processor program for easy retrieval, in any format you select.

We have computers in our office running on different hardware and on various versions of Windows and have had only a few issues requiring us to contact customer support. We have been happy with their knowledge of the program and their ability to solve any problem we have had. Updating to software is simple and notifications come when an update is available.

Overall, we give Do Process and The Conveyancer, two thumbs up.

Gary Crosbie
Senior Law Clerk, Dale Streiman & Kurz LLP
Brampton, Ontario

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